Christmas gift from my daughter

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Moist chocolate cake

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On Tuesday of last week, the daughter said to mom, „Mom, I want to bake a moist chocolate cake. Today, my girlfriend brought a french chocolate cake and it tasted very delicious.“

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Her mom asked: „Did you ask your girlfriend for a recipe?“
The daughter replied, „No, mom“
Her mom said: „Yes, someday we can make this cake“.

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On the very next day, the daughter sent her mom a message: „Mom, today I want to bake a moist chocolate cake.“

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Her mom called: „Hello, you can already prepare the ingredients and let me know if you need something. Maybe we don’t have enough eggs“.

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When her mom came back after the work, the daughter has prepared the ingredients for the cake. The daughter asked, „Could we bake the cake now, mom?“

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Her mom replied,“After the dinner, we can bake the cake. Where did you get the recipe?“
She gave her mom a recipe from a website. Mom looked at the ingredients and said to her daughter, „Mmmm … I’m not sure if the recipe is written correctly. There is only 2 tablespoons of flour for this cake. Mom has never bake a cake with very little flour. Somehow I’ve already baked a chocolate cake. Have you already searched in my blog diary?“.

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The daughter said, „No, mom. But I want to bake a moist chocolate cake.“
Her mom looked for the recipe from her cook’s diary and actually she’s just baked a chocolate cake with coconut milk, desiccated coconut.
She asked her daughter, „Have you finished your homeworks?“
Her daughter replied, „There is a homework, mom.“
She said, „Ok, you can make your homework. After the cooking I’ll write the recipe and we can bake a moist chocolate cake.“

2017-12-25 06.07.31.jpg

After the cooking, she read both recipes again. She’s changed the recipe from her recipe. Instead of coconut milk, the recipe was replaced with milk. The amount of flour has reduced a little less. After the dinner, she asked her daughter, „Would you like to bake this cake today or…?“

Her daughter said, „Yes, I can understand, mom. You don’t like baking in the evening, right?“

She said, „You can bake the cake and mom can help you“.

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Her daughter asked, „Why do we take the spelt flour for the cake?“

She replied, „The spelt flour contains more minerals than the normal flour. The higher number of the flour type, the flour contains more nutrients.“

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After the baking, the surface of the cake was flat, but after the cooling the surface was not flat. She said to her daughter, „Next time, we should add some flour, if you see the cake like that, there’s not enough flour in it.“

The daughter said, „I’m sorry, mom. I’ve weighed the flour less, not 150 g but only 147 g. But the cake tastes very delicious. The cake does not necessarily have to be beautiful, but mainly it tasted very good“.

She said, „Ok, then I’ll write this recipe and someday you can bake this moist chocolate cake again.“

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Later, her mother has searched some recipes on the internet. Indeed, there is a kind of cake that you need very little flour or without flour. This recipe comes originally from France and this cake is called „Tarte au chocolat“, is also called the queen of chocolate cake.

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The gift

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Shortly before Christmas, a young girl asked her mother:

„What do you wish for Christmas?

Her mother replied: „A homemade gift“

The young girl asked: „Do you like cake?“

Her mother said unto her: „You don’t allow to use the oven alone.

2017-12-25 06.08.49.jpg

On the morning before Christmas Eve, her mother was looking for a new roaster to prepare the food. She saw a cake in the roaster. What a surprise!

2017-12-25 06.09.01.jpg

The mother asked her daughter: „Would you like to go to the city with me? We still have time for tonight, because I’ve already cooked for dinner this evening.“

Her daughter replied: „You can go alone, I’ll staying with dad at home.“

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Three hours later …“Mom, this is your Christmas Gift, but you must not touch it. Please be careful, it can be broken.“ she said to her mother.

2017-12-25 06.09.29.jpg

Her mother has opened a surprise gift…

„Dear mom,

during the Christmas time, it’s not about the gifts, but to spend time with family and to celebrate Jesus‘ birthday. Many people just want to get Christmas Gifts. There are people who don’t get gifts. Some people don’t need a gift. Because the main thing is that you have the time for the people who you like. I wish you a Merry Christmas and we enjoy the time together.

from your dear daughter H…“

2017-12-25 06.09.45

It was her first cake. The ingredients of this Christmas Cake are flour, eggs, sugar, gingerbread spice, candied citrus peel, candied orange peel, chocolate, nuts … It tasted very delicious!

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Christmas 2017

2017-12-25 06.10.16.jpg

The daughter wanted to make a special Christmas gift for her mom as last year. She wanted to give her a book about the daughter and mom. But the daughter had little time during school time. She had only written off 2 story from mom’s blog.

2017-12-25 06.10.28.jpg

When she finished, she wrote a letter.

2017-12-25 06.10.56.jpg

Thank you Mom!
„Dear Mom,
Thank you, that you made an advent calendar for me. Thank you, that we baked cookies together…Especially, I want to thank you, that you have given me a nice Advent Season. I really enjoyed it. I wish that we have a nice Christmas time. Your dear daughter, who finished writing after hard work. H…“. 

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Best greetings from Germany💗 H & Hang

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  1. Welch ein liebes und berührendes Geschenk hat dir deine Tochter da gemacht, wunderschön gestaltet, kann ich sehr gut nachfühlen, wie sehr du dich gefreut hast!
    Ich wünsche dir und deiner Tochter eine schöne gemeinsame Zeit zwischen den Jahren, liebe Grüße

    Gefällt 1 Person

  2. Hang, this is such a sweet post! Your daughter must love you very much. You have a beautiful relationship. The cake sounds wonderful (and healthy 🙂 ). I agree – spending time with the ones you love is a great gift.

    Blessings to you and your daughter, Hang, I am so grateful for you. Happy New Year! Debbie

    Gefällt 1 Person

    • Your comment is always filled with love. Thank you so much, Debbie! Thank you for giving me your precious time. I’m very pleased to hear from you. Blessings to you,too and Happy New Year! 😊 Hang

      Gefällt mir

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